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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I’ve a Patreon & Giveaway Announcement!

I’m excited to announce that I’m now on Patreon! In the event you assume my content material is price a few {dollars} monthly, take into account signing up. You help won’t solely assist me preserve making new FPV content material, you’ll additionally acquire entry to unique perks like occasional giveaways and prioritized e mail replies.

Among the hyperlinks on this web page are affiliate hyperlinks. I obtain a fee (at no additional value to you) if you happen to make a purchase order after clicking on one among these affiliate hyperlinks. This helps help the free content material for the neighborhood on this web site. Please learn our Affiliate Hyperlink Coverage for extra data.

Signal as much as my Patreon right here: https://www.patreon.com/oscarliang

As a manner of giving again, I’ll offer giveaways of merchandise I’ve examined or haven’t had time to make use of. Disclaimer: Please be part of my Patreon provided that you genuinely want to help me, not simply totally free presents. I can not assure that you’ll obtain any merchandise.

Present Giveaway

Don’t miss this month’s giveaway for my Patreon supporters! Not a patron but? Be part of now! Deadline of the giveaway is April 12, 2024. There’s one other giveaway already deliberate in Could, so don’t miss out.

This month’s prizes:

  • Radiomaster Ranger Micro ExpressLRS module – https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-ranger-micro-nano-expresslrs-module/#Radiomaster-Ranger-Micro-and-Nano
  • iSDT 608PD Charger – https://oscarliang.com/isdt-608pd-charger/
  • Diatone Q33 RC Automotive with FPV Setup (Together with Distant) – https://oscarliang.com/diatone-q33-karting-fpv-rc-car/
  • DarwinFPV CineApe 35 – https://oscarliang.com/darwinfpv-cineape35/
  • SpeedyBee 60W discharger – https://oscarliang.com/speedybee-discharger-60w/
  • Orqa FPV FPV.ONE V2 Goggles (totally practical simply lacking XT60 to barrel energy cable) – https://oscarliang.com/orqa-fpv-one-pilot-fpv-goggles/
  • Radiomaster UART Flasher – https://oscarliang.com/flash-expresslrs-receivers-uart/
  • BetaFPV Pavo25 V1 Cinewhoop – https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-pavo25-whoop/
  • BetaFPV Pavo25 V2 Body – https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-pavo25-v2/

Previous Giveaways

November 2023

  • 2x Insta360 GO digital camera (V1) https://oscarliang.com/insta360-go/
  • TS1C soldering iron https://oscarliang.com/miniware-ts1c-cordless-soldering-station/
  • HGLRC DraShark16 1S BNF https://oscarliang.com/hglrc-drashark-1-6-inch-toothpick/
  • Flywoo Firefly 1S FR Nano Child V2 Walksnail BNF https://oscarliang.com/flywoo-1s-nano-baby-quad-v2-dc16-fr16/
  • Flywoo 6-port 1S Battery Charger https://oscarliang.com/flywoo-a30-1s-battery-charger/
  • Darwin APE II BNF https://oscarliang.com/darwinfpv-babyape-ii/
  • Hawkeye 4K Thumb https://oscarliang.com/hawkeye-thumb-4k-camera/
  • HOTA F6+ LiPo Charger https://oscarliang.com/hota-f6-plus-lipo-charger/
  • Flywoo Firefly 1S Nano Child Quad BNF https://oscarliang.com/flywoo-firefly-1s-nano-baby-quad/
  • BetaFPV Meteor75 Whoop BNF (Walksnail VTX, ELRS 2.4GHz) https://oscarliang.com/meteor75-walksnail-avatar/
  • Frsky XM+ Receiver
  • Speedybee Grasp V2 5-inch BNF https://oscarliang.com/speedybee-master-5-v2-drone/

June 2023

  • BetaFPV Cetus X FPV Drone Equipment: https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-cetus-x/
  • BetaFPV Cetus Lite Drone with Distant (no FPV): https://betafpv.com/merchandise/cetus-lite-fpv-kit
  • Rotorriot Sport Controller x2
  • CX10C Toy Drone with Distant (no FPV)
  • Runcam Thumb Professional 4K Digicam: https://oscarliang.com/runcam-thumb-pro-camera/
  • ZOHD Drift Darkish Breeze RC Aircraft (PNP): https://oscarliang.com/zohd-drift-dark-breeze/
  • DarwinFPV 7″: https://oscarliang.com/darwin129/

April 2023

  • BetaFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Equipment: https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-cetus-lite/
  • Hota S6 400W Twin Channel Good LiPo Charger: https://oscarliang.com/hota-s6/
  • Holybro Kopis 2.5″ Cinewhoop: https://oscarliang.com/holybro-kopis-cinewhoop/
  • Speedybee Flex25 Cinewhoop: https://oscarliang.com/speedybee-flex25/
  • Flywoo Firefly 4S Nano Child Quad (BNF, bare DJI Vista, Crossfire): https://oscarliang.com/flywoo-baby-quad/

October 2022

  • Flywoo Venom H20 Hex FPV Drone (DJI Vista + ELRS): https://oscarliang.com/flywoo-venom/
  • BetaFPV Pavo30 Cinewhoop (DJI Vista): https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-pavo30/
  • BetaFPV LiteRadio 3 Professional Radio: https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-literadio-3-pro/
  • ToolkitRC M7AC LiPo Charger: https://oscarliang.com/toolkitrc-m7ac-lipo-charger/
  • HQ 5″ Triblade propellers

June 2022

  • EMAX Tinyhawk 3 1S Whoop RTF Equipment: https://oscarliang.com/emax-tinyhawk-3-rtf/
  • HGLRC Sector X5 BNF FPV Drone V4 https://oscarliang.com/hglrc-sector-x5/
  • Happymodel Crux3 NLR BNF Drone (GPS Model): https://oscarliang.com/happymodel-crux3-18650/
  • Radiomaster T8-Lite V2 Radio: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-t8-lite-v2/
  • Jumper T-Professional Radio (4in1 Model): https://oscarliang.com/jumper-t-pro/
  • Cetus Quad (quad solely): https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-cetus-fpv-kit/
  • BetaFPV LiteRadio 3 Professional (OpenTX): https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-literadio-3-pro/
  • Runcam Thumb Digicam: https://oscarliang.com/runcam-thumb-camera/
  • Cetus Professional Quad (quad solely): https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-cetus-pro-fpv-kit/
  • Runcam Cut up HD Digicam: https://oscarliang.com/runcam-split-hd-camera/
  • B3 Professional 2S/3S LiPo charger

Mar 2022

  • DarwinFPV 18650 3-inch Micro FPV Drone: https://oscarliang.com/darwinfpv-18650-3inch/
  • BetaFPV LiteRadio 2: https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-literadio-2/
  • ToolkitRC M9 Charger: https://oscarliang.com/toolkitrc-m9-lipo-charger/
  • Diatone Q33 1:76 RC Automotive: https://oscarliang.com/diatone-q33-karting-fpv-rc-car/
  • Radiomaster Zorro Radio (4in1 Model): https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-zorro/
  • BetaFPV ELRS Nano TX Module (2.4GHz): https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-elrs-nano-tx-rx/Jumper T-Professional Radio (ELRS Model): https://oscarliang.com/jumper-t-pro/
  • 2x ELRS receivers (BetaFPV Nano & AION Mini SE)
  • Happymodel Crux3 NLR BNF Drone (GPS Model): https://oscarliang.com/happymodel-crux3-18650/
  • Radiomaster T8-Lite V2 Radio: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-t8-lite-v2/

Oct 2021

$5+ Tiers:

  • Skyzone SKY04X Goggles
  • BetaFPV Cetus “Professional” FPV Equipment (Drone + Goggles + Radio)
  • AtomRC Seagull FPV Equipment (Drone + Goggles + Radio)
  • BetaFPV Cetus FPV Equipment (Drone + Goggles + Radio)

$2+ Tiers:

  • BetaFPV HX115 SE 1S 3-inch Toothpick
  • RadioMaster T8 Professional Radio

Could 2021

$5+ Tiers:

  • Skyzone 03O FPV Goggles
  • Diatone Tina Whoop
  • Skyzone Cobra X FPV Goggles

$2+ Tiers:

  • Zeez 5″ Body
  • ToolkitRC M4 AC Charger
  • RushFPV Final VTX (800mW 30×30 mounting)
  • Runcam Hybrid Cut up V2
  • Mateksys FCHUB VTX (500mW 30×30 mounting)
  • Runcam Webcam
  • Zeus 35A AIO FC
  • Speedybee TX500 VTX (500mW 20×20 mounting)

Apr 2021

$5+ Tiers:

  • Frsky Taranis X9D 2019 Particular Version
  • Skyzone 02O FPV Goggles

$2+ Tiers:

  • Runcam Cut up Nano 3 (Whoop board Mount)
  • BetaFPV Radio Lite 2
  • iFlight 3″ body
  • ViFly Shortsafer V1
  • Vifly Retailer Secure
  • Runcam Cut up Nano 3 (Whoop Board Mount)
  • RushFPV Final VTX (800mW 30×30 mounting)
  • Runcam Cut up Nano 3 (20×20 board mount)
  • Zeus 35A AIO FC
  • ToolkitRC M4Q Charger

Aug 2020

  • HGLRC Veyron Cinewhoop (3″)
  • Runcam Cut up Nano 3
  • Speedybee F7 AIO FC

July 2020

  • Jumper T18
  • FuriousFPV True-D X Module

March 2020

  • Eachine Novice II RTF Equipment
  • Eachine RedDevil
  • HGLRC Parrot120
  • Emax Tiny Hawk Freestyle
  • NBD Hive16
  • GepRC Phantom
  • Eachine Tyro69
  • BetaFPV HX100
  • FuriousFPV Mosquito 70
  • iFlight RS120
  • iSDT 608AC charger

November 2019

  • HGLRC Ahead FD445 20×20 Stack – F4 FC + 45A 2-6s BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC
  • Holybro Kakute F7 FC
  • iFlight Succex F7 TwinG Twin Gyro FC

October 2019

  • Newbeedrone Tiny Whoop (with BeeBrain Lite FC, binds with Frsky)
  • iFlight iH2 Micro Quad with Runcam Cut up Mini and Frsky XM+ receiver
  • Runcam TX200 VTX
  • Runcam Sparrow 2 FPV Digicam
  • 4x DYS 30A BLHeli_S ESC
  • 4x DYS Fireplace 2600KV Motors
  • DYS 200mW VTX
  • Newbeedrone F3 FC
  • Tekko32 F3 Metallic 65A 4in1 ESC
  • XRacer F4 FC
  • Matek F4 FC
  • Hawkeye 200mW VTX
  • FuriousFPV Antenna
  • Kakute F4 AIO FC
  • Speedybee 600mW DVR VTX
  • Foxeer F7 DUAL Gyro FC

November 2018

  • Swift FPV Digicam with RC18 lens
  • Speedybee Bluetooth-USB adapter
  • 4x Robodog RD2205 2300kv motors
  • Owl Plus FPV Digicam
  • Speedybee Bluetooth-USB adapter
  • 2x Foxeer Lollipop MMCX antenna
  • Swift 2 FPV Digicam
  • Foxeer ClearTX VTX
  • 2x FuriousFPV Huge Mac Antenna
  • Swift Mini FPV Digicam
  • Eagle FPV Digicam (V1)
  • 4x Mamba ESC
  • Predator Micro FPV Digicam Atl
  • Atlatl HV VTX
  • Micro Sparrow FPV Digicam
  • Flycolor X-Tower FC
  • Swift Mini FPV Digicam
  • Flycolor F4 AIO FC
  • Sparrow FPV Digicam
  • Predator Mini FPV Digicam
  • Speedybee F4 AIO FC

September 2018

6 Winners, all model new merchandise!

Jun 2018

Could 2018

RDQ Smoke Stopper XT30 & XT60 (Model New)

April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

2x F210 Body from Banggood, model new.

December 2017

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