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no-poo : an zits secure*ish option to go (however nonetheless a piece in progress)

in mild of many issues: the california drought, making an attempt to chop down on all of the chemical substances we use on the each day, saving cash, being the san-francisco-native-hippy that i’m and add a touch of laziness (not having to clean, blow-dry and flatiron my hair on a regular basis), i made a decision to leap on the no-poo prepare.


if you have not heard of this, no-poo mainly simply means, no shampooing. you continue to clear your hair, however you simply do not use shampoo! with a little bit web looking, i discovered three fundamental & alternative ways individuals do that:

    1. you merely rinse the hair with simply water. yep, simply water. nothing else.
    2. rinse the hair with water, after which simply situation (with a daily hair conditioner, or a diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse).
    3. do a baking soda rinse (diluted, this step takes place of shampooing) after which a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (to situation).

all of them sound a little bit bizarre (and the simply water factor simply sounds too good to be true).. however undoubtedly price a strive!


on the finish of january, i used to be capable of spend a couple of days on the seashore in mexico – and whenever you’re in such a scorching, humid and tropical local weather, there actually is not any use to styling your hair or placing make-up on, for that matter. your hair will get flat, and your make-up melts off.. so by the point i bought again from trip, i had gone nearly 4 days with out washing.. and figured, i am already nearly to every week, why not do the complete dingo and never wash for a month?


in an effort to get rid of all hair product, i merely rinsed and blow dried my hair. i believed it will be superior to ultimately get to a degree the place i did not want any product to maintain my hair clear, and thought that i did not wish to damage my baseline with experimenting with even the baking soda + ACV trick. my tremendous hair did ultimately get a bit limp inside a couple of days of arriving again to SF (away from the seashores of sayulita), so i remedied this by pinning my bangs again, and tying my hair in a ponytail. some days my hair regarded greasier than others, some days it regarded nice, prefer it was freshly shampooed (and that i may put on my bangs, and hair, down – however possibly the again of my head regarded a little bit greasy, or moist)! i could not work out precisely what causes had been related to what results, however i ultimately bought uninterested in my hair wanting prefer it was simply drying from a bathe or tied up – i missed sporting my hair down on the common.
to sum it up, simply utilizing water, my hair did not look so unhealthy. undoubtedly not as unhealthy as i’d have anticipated, however undoubtedly not as clear as freshly-shampooed hair, or tremendous greasy gross hair. if it did look ‘greasy,’ it simply regarded prefer it was damp, nonetheless drying from a bathe.


enter sS’er LH, who got here in for a remedy with nat. nat was telling her that i used to be doing the no-poo factor, and LH had been doing it for a couple of months already, so when she got here out of the remedy room, she was variety sufficient to share her recipe with me!
LH merely stated that she makes use of about 1TB of baking soda and apple cider vinegar (individually, into 2 bottles) to 12 ounces of water every. she had some dandruff/flaky scalp points, so she as a substitute diluted the apple cider vinegar with inexperienced tea and added a couple of drops of tea tree oil with a lot success!
so, i took some empty bottles residence and BS/ACV’ed it up. and the outcomes had been, nice. really, extra superior than i anticipated – for the day, anyway. the subsequent day, my hair appeared greasier than when i used to be solely utilizing simply water. blah.
ig no poo!
after instagramming this, and chatting a bit with LH, it appears i nonetheless have a bit extra acclimating to do, and enjoying with ratios to seek out the precise combo for me. so, i’ll trudge on experimenting to see if i can actually get right down to no-poo’ing solely as soon as each 7-10 days (!). LH stated it took her 6 weeks, and that i suppose i’m at about 2.5 weeks into BS/ACV’ing, however 4.5 weeks from final shampoo’ing my hair if you happen to rely the ‘just-water’ing’ (!).
and for the file, at no level did my hair odor like salad dressing, or typically smelled unhealthy (from what my fellow sS coworkers + beau needed to say!).
oh the issues we do for magnificence.. and the planet’s oceans!

3/2015: STILL ACCLIMATING, and possibly (getting) over it

okay. so in making an attempt to stretch out the times between BS/ACV’ing, my scalp and hair has been oily in between no-poo’s. i can cope with that however…i’m noticing that i’m beginning to escape from not washing too; most likely from the pure oils simply build up. i discovered a couple of pimples on my scalp (sorry, gross, i do know. however the reality).
to treatment this, i’ve began no-poo’ing each 2-3 days, as a substitute of ready 5-7 days in between. i’m additionally (possibly) noticing that the size of my hair is just not as shiny and wholesome wanting as i bear in mind it. coulda been the lighting that day, it may additionally should do with the truth that i have never had my haircut in nearly 3 months. to be honest, i used to blow-dry and flat-iron my hair on a regular basis, however have been doing that solely after i no-poo, since i am tying my hair again a lot in the course of the acclimation stage. additionally, i by no means had this downside when i used to be washing with shikai physique wash day by day. at this level, i am actually hoping this acclimation interval finishes rapidly!


i’ve discovered the perfect no-poo’ing recipe for me contains:
1. diluting a few tablespoon of baking soda into about 12oz of heat water and dealing that into my scalp, ensuring to ‘scrub’ everywhere in the scalp totally, whereas feeling a little bit scrubby texture from the soda whereas working it in.
2. after rinsing totally, i will know my hair will probably be washed-feeling (that means, not oily in any respect) if my hair feels a bit ‘squeaky clear’ instantly after rinsing the soda out. i discovered that if i did not use sufficient soda within the dilution, my hair would nonetheless be greasy put up no-poo.
3. then, i situation. i am nonetheless experimenting with the apple cider vinegar rinse and utilizing sS’s hair conditioner put up ‘wash’, however have not discovered a recipe that retains my hair from turning into an oil slick longer than 3 days.
at this level, i am pondering possibly no-poo’ing is not for me. possibly as a result of my hair is so tremendous, and even with ‘no-poo regulated’ scalp oil manufacturing, that might simply be an excessive amount of for my tremendous hair, however can be okay for somebody with courser, thicker hair?
the components themselves (baking soda & acv) are acne-safe, however the oil-production that does not get washed away appears to clog up and break me out. maybe my private no-poo restrict is just 3 days; 2 days with my hair and bangs down, and the third day with my hair all tied/pinned again.
nonetheless. a piece. in progress.

my old hair regimen: shikai body wash (in yuzu) as shampoo.  never needed to condition, even with daily blow-drying and flat-ironing.  my outdated hair routine: shikai physique wash (in yuzu) as shampoo. by no means wanted to situation, even with each day blow-drying and flat-ironing.


i will proceed to maintain you all up to date, however in the mean time, any of you on the market no-poo’ing already? any ideas or frustrations you went via? did you keep it up, or ultimately return to common shampoo? how lengthy was your acclimation interval? does your hair dry out and break off if you happen to no-poo with BS/ACV on a regular basis (like i am tempted to do)?
ps – i haven’t got any photographs to put up, as a result of i discovered it troublesome to seize the oiliness of my hair. on days i believed my hair was it is oiliest, it regarded regular within the photographs i took with my iphone. however i’ll attempt to take extra photographs to see if it is extra seen in the course of the BS/ACV acclimation interval. higher but, simply come into the clinic and take a look at my hair in actual life πŸ™‚

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